The NEW Richmond Interactive Map (RIM) website is now available!

It is designed using HTML5 technology to work in all modern desktop browsers as well as most mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Navigation is simple and user friendly. Help text is located in a collapsible left pane on the page. The tool bar across the top gives you access to the functions you can do. Most functions display their prompts in the left pane - use the Home icon to exit the function and get back the help text.

Currently, the new website has only search by address. We will be adding other property searches soon.

Old website as well as this directional page will be removed soon.
Please bookmark the link to the new website for future reference and delete any bookmarks to the old website.
You can also get to the new Richmond Interactive Map from the Maps and GIS page on the City website - Maps & GIS

If you would like to go to the old Richmond Interactive Map website, go to Old Richmond Interactive Map (RIM)

WARNING: If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, make sure your browser displays old RIM web site in Compatibility View. For instructions on how to setup Compatibility Mode see Compatibility View Settings in IE 10 and IE 11.

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